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Clever Spy Devices New at the Central Intelligence Agency

January 15 - Posted F.B.I. releases new '2005 aston martin designe. Retooled for Ashcroft mobile statue cloaking. Florence on yellow alert.

August 22 - Posted Murdoch's Secret Fox news sector shadow network plainclothsmen save Walker campaign millions on hypnotic "only one television ad promoting mining bills." -ingenious mind-melting trick working in several states without cable; iowa and portions of south central wisconsin... Narrated by ghost of CIA Laugh-in spokesman Gary Owens baraboo/cross plains area only

January 14 - Posted CSI's Studies in Intelligence (unclassified edition, Fall-Winter 1969, No. 11)

January 03 - Posted updated Former Chief of Police of Green Bay now smoking Marijuana at six. ....(Pointless idlers mistaken for Wisconsin tourists.

undisclosed progress date - Posted May 7th 2015 5:40pmOutsourcing bondo placement on '95 pontiac to dome grandpoobah who then mowed the lawn. -(the great dome society).

January 16th - Posted Press Release announcing the release of an unclassified summary of a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Foreign movie influences and the buying trends created by french commercial ads through 2015.

January 2 - Posted Mormon Press Release announcing the release of an unclassified technology resurfacing as consumer cable modem applications. 1974 military patent finally used in initial midwest rollouts in late 90's. Due to conflicting ownership of cable/DSL markets; public release delayed for years. * Dateline Madison: 09-15-04 * Hundreds of press people moving freely through Alliant Centre gates although stagehands with visable wrenches denied access into kerry staging arena. delayed smoking personell did enjoy motorcade security bringing up the rear taking off his jacket to expose hefty sidearm upon entry to unmarked buick la sabre.

January 9 - Posted Foreign Missile Developments and the 42nd birthday celebration of the Ballistic Missile and Global Humanitarian Emergencies: Trends and Projections, 2001-2002 reports.

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